OPS Network APP

The OPS Network™ APP puts the entire law enforcement community in the palm of your hand.


Instant Communication

The OPS Network APP has so many features, none to be overshadowed by the amazing communications tools that will keep law enforcement securely connected from anywhere, anytime. The OPS Network is the only secure community policing network in the world, and the OPS Network APP puts the power of OPS in your pocket.


Active Development Asset

The OPS Network™ APP begins with the instant communications, group meetings and agency member connecton tools. But, it does’nt end there. The APP is an Active Development Asset which means each and every critical tool needed on the street, is being added daily.

Direct Chat

Connect with any sworn officer instantly. From your computer, mobile or the APP, any OPS Network sworn member can locate, search and chat with one or numerous officers from around the country twenty four hours per day. 

Group Meeting and Info Sharing

Create, join and participate in Group Meetings, group information sharing and more. Groups allow members to join like minded groups or associations and share information. Users can hold live meetings, share images and PDF’s and so much more.

Developing Tools

Many of the OPS Network™ tools such as Cameras, Roll Call, OPS Command Center, Wanted and Missing Persons, Schools Extension, Documents and more are being added to the APP for ease of access from any place on earth.

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© 2021 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved

© 2021 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved