OPS Network™ CERTIFIED Master Administrator (CMA) Program


Leading the Charge, into the Future.

The OPS Network Certified Master Administrator (CMA) Program was developed to train federal, state, county and local agency level users to manage and oversee the OPS Network, within the jurisdiction they serve, while working directly with the OPS Network team to maintain, support and improve the OPS Network.

OPS Certified Master Administrators are trained and certified to manage and perform the following tasks and more.

OPS Network Setup

Troubleshooting Techniques

Data Management

Community Interface Management

User Management & Permissions

Agency & Community Security Management

Module Setup & Management

Communications Platform Management

Command Center Setup & Management


CMA Accreditation Standards

To become an OPS Network Certified Master Administrator (CMA), each candidate must be sponsored by a recognized Federal, State, County or local law enforcement agency that is an active OPS Network Partner Agency and/or has oversight of at least one OPS Network™ Partner Agency. Each candidate must fulfill the training requirements set forth for CMA Accreditation and abide by the terms and conditions in the CMA program agreement.

CMA program completion is required, for at least one agency member, in order for the agency to receive OPS Network Agency Certification.

The 8 hour hands-on training portion of the OPS CMA Program takes place every first and third Thursday of the month, in locations to be determined.

To inquire about enrolling in the CMA program, consult with your agency to receive more information or contact Online Policing Solutions for training dates and locations.

8 Hour Hands on Training Course

10 Hours of Yearly Online Credit Updates

Bi-Annual 8 Hour Hands On Re-Certification Course

Requires Federal, State, County or Local Sponsorship

Annual Proficiency Exams

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© 2024 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved