The nation’s premier law enforcement and community policing network platform.

Designed for Law Enforcement

An Agency Command Center that is simple to use and efficient.

The OPS Command Center™ (Agency Interface) is the central operating system for each OPS Partner Agency. The Command Center allows officers and agency members to access agency specific assets and information, while remaining fully operational from anyplace at anytime. 

 Simple to Navigate with No Training Needed

Remain Fully Operational 24/7

No Data Heavy APPS Needed

24/7 Access

A Community Interface that encourages partnership.

Say goodbye to old fashioned websites. The OPS Community Interface™ is a modern public interface and partnership platform that serves as the portal for your community to partner with your agency. It is 100% responsive and works on all devices, from computers to tablets to mobile smartphones.

Much, much more than a standard website, through the Community Interface each department will not only present basic information to the public, such as contact information, staff structure and more, but will engage its community via the simple to use and navigate components and tools, creating a positive and transparent partnership.

Setting up, managing and updating the Community Interface takes no technical skill, meaning your community connection will always be up-to-date and professional. 

 Easy to Use

 Multilingual Platform Supports 100+ Languages

100% Safe and Secure

A True Network

A flexible network like never before imagined. Connecting 24/7.

OPS is a true network,  meaning all agencies and their members, along with each and every community member, can connect, 24/7. From communication assets, to shared agency resources and management tools, the OPS Network™ creates a 360 degree partnership and management solution like none ever before imagined.

40 OPS BLOC(s)™ and Growing

A tool for nearly every function imaginable.

Every agency’s OPS Network™ includes every OPS BLOC™ (Basic Logistical Operating Component), each serving a specific task within the system. Each BLOC™ is accessed by the public via the live Community Interface and by agencies via the secure OPS Network. 

A Growing Component Library

Easy to Use and Effective

No APPS Needed

Setting the Standard

The worlds largest community policing network.

With the high level of data being processed through the OPS Network™ each and every day, a solution the size of the OPS Network™ requires a network management tool that simplifies the process of managing, monitoring and analyzing network data. Most of all, it needs to be using the world’s leading security protocols.

Online Policing Solutions, Inc. and the OPS Network™ are technology partners with Amazon AWS. All OPS Network™ assets are housed in secure, United States based severs to ensure the highest level of network service and security.

 Cloud Based

100% Secure – CJIS Compliant

Nationwide Coverage

No IT Personnel Resources Needed

Agencies Connecting

Inter-agency communication the way it should be. Fast & Easy.

The OPS Network™ includes a robust and easy to use inter-agency and officer to officer communication and information sharing platform. Nothing will help agencies better serve the community than by being able to network with each other on a secure law enforcement communications tool specific to the needs of policing.

 Find any officer from any department and connect.

Send agency-wide, statewide, nationwide or direct messages.

Share information real time.

 Create groups (public, private and secret) to connect with units, specialized functions or operational management.

 Vast array of robust Intelligence sharing assets.



Crime & Environmental Factors

Included in every OPS Network™ is the Simsi Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) intel package, which, with the use of a dedicated intel analyst,  allows agencies and communities to identify environmental conditions (places and things) that lead to crime and other problems and utilize that information to effectively work together.

✔️Includes Dedicated Intel Analyst

24/7 Access

Robust User Control and Access

Every agency user enjoys secure access to a robust network full of tools and communication assets. With access granted via agency permission only, OPS is a 100% secure network truly meant for law enforcement – at a level never before imagined. 

 Easy to Use

Agency Controlled User Permissions and Access

 Simple Access

100% Safe and Secure

Streamlining Law Enforcement

Agency effeciency just reached a new level with OPS Extentions.

Extensions are meant to function from within the OPS Command Center™ and are developed to tackle a variety of law enforcement specific functions that typically fall outside of the “community policing” realm and land directly in the arena of effective agency management.

 Complete many normally time consuming functions in seconds with the numerous OPS Extensions.

 Vehicle Maintenance, School Safety, Firearms Training, Time Management, Operational Planning and so much more.

 Each extension operates right from the OPS Network from anywhere, anytime.

Features at a glance

Intuitive Interfaces

The Community Interface, agency Command Center and all of the components are simple to use, easy to navigate and lazer focused on each task they were developed for.


The OPS Community Interface is multilingual and, with the click of a button, supports over 100 languages, making it user freindly for all community members.

Secure Network

The OPS Network™ runs on the 100% secure OPS servers. Using the leading security protocols ensures all submitted data is safe and secure.


Administative Control

Through the agency Command Center, administrator’s have complete control of their OPS Network™. From simple changes, like agency locations, to emergency alerts.


Easy Communications

All officers, detective and administrators can easily connect with any OPS department or officer directly from the OPS Inter-Agency and officer to officer Communication Portal.

Engaging Tools

The Community Interface, agency Command Center and the growing BLOC library are all included with every OPS Network™.

OPS Operating System

The OPS Operating System was developed for Municipal and County Police, State Agencies, Prosecutor’s / DA’s offices, Sherrif’s Offices, Corrections and Federal Agencies.


24/7 Support

Online Policing Solutions, Inc. provides all of our network partners with world class 24/7 technical support by phone, email, chat and via the agency Command  Center. 

No Hardware Needed

Unlike many solutions that require expensive hardware and complicated network systems, OPS runs from the cloud and no agency equipment is required.

Growing Network

OPS is not a piece by piece system. Every current and future tool is included with all OPS Networks. As the network grows, so does every partner agency.

Transparency 101

When an agency becomes an OPS Network Partner they are commiting to transparency and a partnership with the community they serve. There is no other solution on earth that offers so much.


The basic network activation and network is 100% free to use by all agencies. Full partner agency networks are affordable for any size agency, large and small.

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© 2024 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved

© 2024 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved