The OPS Network Story

Innovation. Imagination. Dedication.

The OPS Network™ is a cloud based network application and software solution that provides proprietary interactive community policing tools designed specifically to promote police to public partnership in public safety, while improving agency efficiency and services. OPS is the only nationwide and jurisdiction-ally distinctive community policing network, global officer to officer communication platform and law enforcement specific operating system of its kind in existence today.

A Journey to the Future

The entire Online Policing  Solutions team is comprised of dedicated criminal justice professionals (retired and active duty), educators, community members and the nations very best software developers, designers and engineers; all working side by side.

This journey began in 2014 when a group of law enforcement professionals began thinking of ways to better connect with the communities they served while helping agencies become more efficient. Through these discussions, the idea of OPS was born and the process began to create the world’s very first community policing network and law enforcement specific operating system.

Today, with a dedicated team of engineers and developers, a full support staff, a 14 member OPS Executive Board and a nationwide server network, OPS has gone from an idea to reality. The visionary OPS concept is changing the way law enforcement partners with our communities, is streamlining operations and is re-defining professional policing in the twenty first century.

“The OPS  Network™ is a secure, comprehensive collection of critical tools custom designed for the complexities of modern law enforcement.”

The Online Policing Solutions’ headquarters is located in New Jersey. We have a regional office located in southern Florida and our server network spans across the United States. All OPS Network developers and engineers are not only employed by Online Policing Solutions, Inc. but are stakeholders in the application and dedicated to its continued success.

The OPS founders and Executive Board members have painstakingly worked hand in hand with our development team to ensure that the OPS Network™ is efficient, professional, affordable and focused on community policing and the advancement of the law enforcement paradigm.

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© 2020 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved