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Re-defining professional policing and community engagement in the twenty-first century.


“Bring people and technology together to propel the law enforcement mission forward.”


What makes OPS so effective is the fact that the core mission is all that matters.

A Journey to the Future

The entire Online Policing  Solutions team is comprised of dedicated criminal justice professionals (retired and active duty), educators, community members and the nations very best software developers, designers and engineers; all working side by side. 

This journey began in 2014 when a group of community oriented law enforcement professionals began thinking of ways to better connect and partner with the communities they serve while, at the same time, helping agencies become more efficient and better prepared to serve their communities. In addition to community policing and partnerships, these discussions included how to allow law enforcement to connect and share information with each other, across jurisdictional borders, without the intrusion of advertisements and the data-mining of information, which has become so prevalent on mainstream network providers. Through these discussions, the idea of a secure, law enforcement controlled network was born, and the process began to create the world’s very first community policing network and law enforcement specific operating system. 

Once the first version of the OPS Network was developed, the network (now officially called the “National Law Enforcement and Community Policing Intergrated Network”) was put into action and proved to be a resounding success, transforming community policing and law enforcement operations for those pioneering agencies. This success necessitated the creation of Online Policing Solutions, Inc., a professional organization specifically formed to ensure the growth and prosperity of the OPS Network for all of its OPS Network Partner agencies and communities.

The Online Policing Solutions’ headquarters is located in New Jersey with a server network spanning across the United States. All OPS Network developers and engineers are not only employed by Online Policing Solutions, Inc. but are stakeholders in the application and dedicated to its continued success.

Everyone involved in this amazing endeavor have painstakingly worked hand in hand with our development team to ensure that the OPS Network™ is efficient, professional, financially accessible and laser focused on the advancement of law enforcement and an unbreakable community to policing partnership.

The OPS Network

A Seven + year Process


An Idea is Born

The idea to develop an all-encompassing law enforcement and community policing network was born.


Put it Together

The OPS Advisory Board is empaneled and begins the process of framing out the needs of this new network concept.


Lets Build It

Developers and designers are brought on board.

2015 - 2020

Law Enforcement and Developers Working Out the Details

At the direction of active duty law enforcement, OPS developers work day and night creating the OPS Network.


Pilot Agencies are Chosen

The OPS Network goes live in select pilot agencies in New Jersey.

2020 - 2022

An Amazing Success

The OPS Pilot Program results exceed all expectations and the OPS Network begins piling on the success stories.

Late 2022 - 2023

The Network Goes Live!

The OPS National Law Enforcement and Community Policing Integrated Network begins on-boarding agencies onto the live network.

2023 -

To the Future…

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© 2024 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved

© 2024 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved