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The OPS Network

A Law Enforcement & Community Partnership Initiative

The OPS Network™ (OPS) is the very first and only web-based platform developed specifically to support effective community policing outreach and law enforcement partnership, by utilizing easy to use, purpose-built technology. OPS provides all participating law enforcement agencies, officers and communities the tools and technology needed to seamlessly work together, shaping the future of twenty-first century policing and community engagement. 

OPS is one of the most anticipated law enforcement cooperative initiatives to take place in over 50 years.


Secure Operating System

OPS Command Center™

The OPS Command Center is easy to navigate and is the core of your OPS Operating System.


Agency level control.

Community Partnership

Community Interface

The OPS Community Interface serves as the portal that the public uses to interact and connect with agencies.


Public level control.

50 Plus Tools & Growing

Interactive Modules

Each module serves a specific task within the system and encourages engagement and partnership. 


Specific tools.

agency efficiency

Software Extensions

Tackle a variety of law enforcement specific functions for effective agency management.


Effective Management.

Staying Connected 24/7

Secure Communication

Secure law enforcement communication tools developed specifically for the needs of policing.


Real-time contact.


"The results (with the OPS Network) have been nothing short of amazing. This is exactly what was needed."

Chief Michael Gaimari – City of Bridgeton Police Department, NJ (SNJ Today) READ THE ARTICLE

“The OPS Network is the first of its kind and the City of Vineland is very proud to be one of its earliest adopters, taking a giant leap into the future of community policing. "

Mayor Anthony Fanucci – City of Vineland, NJ ( READ THE ARTICLE

“I am proud and excited that Bridgeton was part of the leading edge in implementing the new Online Policing Solutions (OPS) National Law Enforcement and Community Policing Network.”

Mayor Albert Kelly – City of Bridgeton ( READ THE ARTICLE

“I have never seen anything more effective than the OPS Network. It became my “go-to” tool, and I would have been lost without it.”

Chief Richard Necelis – CCPO (ret), NJSP Captain (ret)

"With this new and amazing advancement in the field of law enforcement and community policing, we are proud to be setting a new standard and strengthening our already strong community connection.”

Chief Pedro Casiano – Vineland Police Department ( READ THE ARTICLE

“Now is the time to re-imagine public safety (with the OPS Network)”

New Jersey – (Atlantic City Press) READ THE ARTICLE

One Stop

Everything In One Place. Simple. Fast. Effective.

The OPS Network includes vital, user-friendly tools designed to maximize efficiency and performance in four key competencies: community policing partnerships, officer to officer sharing, operational efficiency and indispensable agency to agency connection. 

Developed With Purpose

A Focused Application. No Skills Needed.

OPS has been developed to allow assigned agency members and community users to easily complete tasks that are often perceived as too complicated and beyond the relm of the average user. By utilizing OPS, even designing, launching and maintaining an agency community interface (website) can be completed with no technical skill needed.

Technology Partners


Support the Mission

The OPS Network™ is solely supported by its law enforcement partner agencies and communities, ensuring its continued growth and security.


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© 2021 - 2022 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved

© 2021 - 2022 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved