4 Easy Steps

Network Activation Made Simple.

Agency Network Activation was designed for agency Chief Executives, regardless of technical skill level, to be fast and easy. Simply follow the below 4 easy steps to get your agency OPS Network™ up and running. As stated in the below steps, all you will need is your agency ORI number and a verifiable agency email and phone number. There is no cost to activate your network.

Once you register an account and complete the below form, an OPS Network™ Verification Assistant will verify your authority to activate the network. Once verification is made, your agency network will be made live and be ready for set up. It really is that easy.

Step 1

Complete the Request Form

Complete the below secure network activation request form and submit.

Step 2


OPS will verify your ORI and that you are an agent authorized to activate your network.

Step 3

Set Up Your Network

Once verified, simply login and begin the fast and easy network setup process.

Step 4

Live Network

Once the authorization process is complete, your OPS Network will be active.

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© 2020 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved