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By utilizing the National Law Enforcement and Community Policing Integrated Network (Online Policing Solutions Network), herein after referred to as the OPS Network, you are entering a secure law enforcement specific network application and by doing so, understand and agree to the following user terms. If you do not agree with any of these provisions, you are instructed to leave the OPS Network.

Any access, beyond creating an account, such as attempting to join agencies you are not authorized to join, accessing the network via another method, entering under another user account, etc…is  STRICTLY PROHIBITED. By using the OPS Network, you are doing so under the permission of the agency (or agencies) who have authorized your use, and you agree to adhere to any policies enacted by your agency, as well as the Terms and Conditions as set forth by Online Policing Solutions, Inc. The OPS Network is a PROFESSIONAL law enforcement application and should be treated as such at all times. As a user, you have no guaranteed personal privacy rights while in the network. Any and all information may be view-able and may be accessed by your agency or by another entity with an authorized court order. This network contains confidential and sensitive law enforcement data that is not to be shared, copied or disseminated outside of the network without authorization from the agency chief executive for which you are operating under. ANY distribution of information or unauthorized use, dissemination, access or otherwise compromising behavior that takes place within or in connection with the OPS Network can result in agency discipline, criminal prosecution, potential civil penalties and being banned from the network.

In simple terms, respect your fellow users, the community you serve, the agency you are operating under and, as always, act like a professional at all times.

Agency Chief Executives:

All agencies that activate their OPS Network™ do so through a very stringent validation process that includes several steps:

1. Agency ORI submission and verification.
2. Authorized governmental email verification.
3. Agency phone verification.

Each agency is claimed by the authorized executive officer via the above verification process and by registering a user account and activating the agency’s OPS Network™, the agency (and its executive officer) agrees that the authorized executive is the responsible “Master Administrator” of their respective OPS Network™ and is responsible for the overall management and security of their respective OPS Network™ and for those members that are accepted to operate under the agency. The agency administrator may direct another agency member(s) to manage the agency OPS Network™ on their behalf, and provide permissions to do so via the OPS Network™ staff permissions tools, but the ultimate responsibility for any breaches or violations belong to the agency chief executive/ master administrator. When an “Authorized Executive Officer” for an agency retires, leaves or severs ties with an agency, the agency must notify Online Policing Solutions, Inc. IMMEDIATELY, so that the “Authorized Executive Officer” can be removed and the appropriate “Authorized Executive Officer” can be verified. In addition, by accessing the OPS Network™, the agency executive, as do all users, agree to abide by, and are acknowledging that they have read and understand, the OPS Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and the Basic Acceptable Use Policy (BAUP).

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© 2020 Online Policing Solutions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved