Year End Message and a Big Thank You!

December 22, 2020

As we draw near the end of 2020, we have all faced our fair share of challenges. With that said, one positive development that this year has produced, has been the success of the OPS Network, the nation’s very first Law Enforcement and Community Policing Integrated Network.

Since its pilot launch in mid-2020, the OPS Network has produced incredible results. Here are just a few:

  • The OPS Network has assisted with resolving dozens of criminal matters in record time.
  • Hundreds of area cameras have been uploaded, assisting law enforcement react faster.
  • Numerous Schools and Structures have been mapped.
  • Thousands of officer-to-officer messages have been exchanged, bringing officers together.
  • Over 30 intelligence and information sharing groups have been created and utilized.
  • Officers from 9 agencies (municipal, county, state and federal) have participated in the pilot rollout, cooperating like never before.
  • Several large-scale multi-agency investigations have been managed via the network.
  • A record number of community related TIPS have been submitted and shared.
  • Over fifty officer safety related (secure network) alerts have been generated and distributed, informing and protecting officers.
  • OPS live meeting and networking tools have generated hundreds of multi-agency live meetings and information sharing sessions.
  • Dozens of Community Alerts have been submitted, informing and engaging the community.
  • More than 40 agency Press Releases have been generated, utilizing the OPS Press Module, engaging the media like never before.
  • Hundreds of agency documents have been uploaded and utilized remotely.
  • More than seventy agency specific Command Center links have been added, providing critical remote access to critical agency systems.
  • The OPS Network Command Center and Operating System has allowed agencies to remain fully operational while serving remotely.
  • Numerous Wanted and Missing Person flyers have been generated and distributed.
  • The very first county-wide Special Needs system has been implemented, soon allowing community members to register family and friends with special needs, while allowing agencies to easily share this information.
  • Via each OPS Agency Community Interface, community related assets such as the OPS Community Alert System, OPS Careers and Recruitment Interface, OPS Incident Blotter, OPS Officer Commendation System, OPS Internal Affairs Reporting and Processing System, OPS Ask an Officer Interface, and numerous other community related partnership and transparency tools, have all been launched and are engaging our community partners like never before.

The above list could go on and on. It would be an understatement to say that the pilot launch of the OPS Network has far exceeded the expectations of all involved in this ground-breaking initiative.

With the successful pilot launch complete, the OPS Network is looking forward to the new year. With regional rollouts scheduled for 2021, the OPS Network is poised to expand across the State of New Jersey and beyond. It will not be long before each and every agency will be connected 24/7, sharing resources, engaging their community, streamlining operations and drastically increasing their ability to serve. All while operating from one dedicated, and law enforcement specific, network.

The real credit for the above belongs to all of the active OPS Network agency partners. The innovative leaders, detectives and officers from these agencies, who have engaged the OPS Network, deserve all of the credit for its success. A success that benefits every officer and community that the OPS Network touches.

To all of our dedicated law enforcement officers and officials: We wish you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. Thank you for your continued service.