Supporting OPS Supports the Advancement of Policing

February 27, 2019

With the implementation of the OPS Network, law enforcement has forever changed. OPS connects law enforcement with their community and creates a partnership with those we serve. OPS professionalizes the image of law enforcement so that the public has confidence in our services. OPS connects officers across the country so that they can network and share information; things that allow us to better respond to our community’s needs. OPS saves agencies and community members money. OPS offers police focused tools to streamline operations and act as an effective “force multiplier” for agencies. These are just some of the amazing things that OPS does. And, all of these things are possible due to each one of the law enforcement agencies that support the network, both as a partner in its expansion and growth as well as financially.

The reason that OPS is so affordable, so that every agency can utilize its power, is because of the OPS Network Partner Agencies that have committed to its sustainability and growth. Without this support, the OPS Network would not be possible or would be far too expensive for agencies to operate. Network and data management, software development and upkeep, design and implementation, server maintenance and so much more make a network as robust and large as the OPS Network very expensive to operate and maintain. But, with continued support from our network partners, OPS will not only expand across the country but will expand in its abilities. And, since so many agencies have committed to its success, OPS will sustain a stable cost factor, shared by all that benefit from its services.

In the end, OPS Network Partner Agencies are not “purchasing” a piece of software, they are supporting a nationwide network with a local connection that is bringing professional policing into the 21st century and connecting law enforcement and our communities like never before.

Thank you!