Can we Save Budgets, Connect & Grow in Difficult Times?

May 13, 2020

The OPS Network’s goal has always been to connect law enforcement agencies and their communities. To bring all agencies together on the same platform, connecting, sharing and working in a similar environment, all the while engaging their individual communities and maintaining their individuality. This was a huge lift for the OPS Development Team (with so many moving parts) but they not only did it, they overachieved on the mission they were given to complete. The end result is the most innovative solution to reach law enforcement in decades.

Since the life changing COVID-19 Pandemic, the OPS Network means so much more. Agencies have experienced so much loss and change, some of which can never be recovered. In addition, agencies and governments across the country are experiencing budget restrictions and threats of layoffs. These are certainly challenging times for everyone, but thankfully there is a beacon of light in this time of perceived darkness. A light of hope that we can continue to advance our mission and move forward in our quest towards a more modern era of policing. That light is provided by the OPS Network.

  • Connection: The OPS Network brings all agencies together on a single platform, allowing them to connect from anywhere, anytime. Agencies can easily collaborate on investigations, share training opportunities, share resources and so much more. Agency members can locate each other, share information and hold live virtual meetings, all on a secure law enforcement specific platform. The ability to instantly connect expands the law enforcement footprint and drastically expands the ability to react to a myriad of matters. Law Enforcement is no longer secluded to their individual agencies, and can bring to bear the resources of each law enforcement partner instantaneously.
  • Remote Access: With the use of the extremely flexible OPS Command Center, agency personnel can access all of their critical tools and cloud-based systems from anywhere, affording agencies the flexibility for officers and administrators to operate remotely. This is the core of the OPS Network Operating System concept. Agency personnel are at the ready no matter what time of day or night, or where they are located. This flexibility drastically changes the landscape of all agencies and their ability to offer services 24/7. 
  • Unlimited Tools: The OPS Network Modules and Extensions afford agencies the ability to consolidate functions into one simple to use tool, saving valuable time and personnel hours. Agency members can perform functions that would traditionally take hours, within minutes. These time savings can not only be life saving, they afford agency leadership the flexibility to deploy resources more rapidly and keep “boots of the ground”.
  • Budgets Savings: The efficiency of operation, the flexibility of the tools and the time saving operations achieved while using the OPS Network, result in agencies saving thousands of dollars per year.
  • Community Connection: The OPS Network engages the communities that our law enforcement partners are sworn to protect. In troubling times, a solid partnership between public safety and the community they serve is critical to maintaining the public trust and peace.

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible flexibility the OPS Network offers to agencies, officers and the communities they serve. As a Partnership Project, the network will only grow bigger and better as we, the law enforcement community, engage the application and assist in its growth.

Online Policing Solutions is here for our entire law enforcement community and stands at the ready to work hand in hand with our partner agencies. We are ready to work each and every day to not only get through these challenging times, but to come out on the other side bigger, better and more at the ready then ever before.

Please be safe out there!