OPS Plus Simsi Risk Terrain Modeling Intelligence Press Release

August 12, 2022

Online Policing Solutions, Inc., the oversite and management group for the “National Law Enforcement and Community Policing Integrated Network” (OPS Network) in partnership with Simsi, Inc., is proud to announce the launch of OPS PLUS.

OPS PLUS combines the cutting-edge OPS Network with the ground-breaking “Simsi Risk Terrain Modeling Intelligence”, the only Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) “Intelligence” software developed to diagnose crime patterns, prioritize places in need, and coordinate resources for prevention. With OPS PLUS, partner law enforcement agencies receive the enhanced ability to request Simsi RTM via the OPS Network and receive the results, analyzed by a professional analyst, directly on the OPS Network. This information can then be further analyzed and shared instantly via OPS, creating a fluid intelligence-based law enforcement and community partnership.

“OPS PLUS and Simsi Risk Terrain Modeling, create a powerful diagnostic and networking toolkit like never before. This combination will allow OPS Partner Agencies and communities to identify environmental conditions (places and things) that lead to crime and other problems and utilize that information to effectively work together as a team via the OPS Network and beyond.” said Online Policing Solutions, Inc. President/CEO, George Chopek

“This partnership will make valuable information about public safety issues accessible to more people,” said Joel Caplan, COO of Simsi. “They’ll be able to add context to data from multiple local perspectives, and to coordinate and maximize existing local resources for fair and effective problem-solving at priority places.”

To learn more about the OPS Plus initiative, please CLICK HERE