May 9, 2023

A recent publicly posted audit (published on 05/3/2023 –  READ FULL REPORT)  by the “New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller” found that most New Jersey law enforcement agencies have FAILED to comply with the NJ OAG “Internal Affairs Policies and Procedures” regarding online access for the public.

As quoted in the report:

“The high degree of non-compliance uncovered by OSC in this review signals a potential statewide issue with law enforcement agencies failing to adhere to Attorney General mandates governing the intake of complaints online. This lack of compliance has the potential to undermine at least one of the overarching goals of the Attorney General’s Policing Initiative — building and maintaining public trust in police — and may impede the efficacy of the internal police disciplinary process overall.”

With the release of this report, OPS was soon contacted by numerous agencies regarding this matter. Fortunately,
all OPS Network Partner Agencies already had the tools needed to be in complete compliance with the NJ OAG directives.

The OPS Network provides all OPS Partner Agencies with a simple one click New Jersey OAG Internal Affairs online compliance platform.

  • Instantly provides the required public access to various methods for reporting allegations of misconduct.
  • Automatically includes the approved “New Jersey Internal Affairs Reporting Forms and Informational Sheets” in 11 different languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, Haitian, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.)
  • Integrated access to the NJ OAG IA Policy and Procedures manual.
  • Provides the mandatory IA fact sheet and brochure for printing and online use.
  • Provides a proprietary interactive Internal Affairs online reporting and tracking system.

As with all assets on the OPS Network, the OPS NJ OAG compliance platform is another example of how the OPS Network is revolutionizing law enforcement in the 21 Century. OPS does the heavy lifting so law enforcement can stay focused!