New “Incident Blotter” Module Goes Live on OPS

June 5, 2020

Online Policing Solutions is very excited to announce that the brand new OPS Network “Incident Blotter” module has completed development and is ready for use by our OPS Partner Agencies.

The “Incident Blotter” module is an excellent community partnership and transparency tool. It allows agencies to easily share daily activity with the community, keep the public up to date and encourages the community to participate with direct information sharing. 

“Incident Blotter” includes the following:

  1. Allows agencies to easily add to and update a daily incident/arrest blotter for the community to view on the Agency’s Community Interface. (think of the old police blotters in the newspaper) Each entry offers numerous fields to include:
    • Date of Incident
    • Time of Incident
    • Agency Case Number
    • Incident Location(s)
    • Incident Summary
    • Arrested Persons Information (Name/DOB/Race/Sex)
    • Arrested Persons Photo (s)
    • Criminal Charges (Statute Numbers and Descriptions) and more
  2. Unlimited arrests and charges can be easily added to each entry and for each arrestee.
  3. Allows any incident or call for service to be added, no matter if an arrest was made or not.
  4. The public side scrolling Blotter Interface automatically updates for the public and is searchable by the community.
  5. Allows the Community to easily submit TIPS and information, right from the blotter, for each entry and assist law enforcement.

Like all OPS modules, “Incident Blotter” is easy to use, very intuitive and can be activated if or when the agency chooses to implement it for their community.

The OPS Network is a growing network solution, and “Incident Blotter” is another example of how this powerful application is positively changing modern policing and its community partnerships.