November 18, 2018

In today’s media heavy environment, law enforcement is often on the “back foot” when it comes to public perception. Media is in the business of drawing in viewers, whether it be online or print. With nothing else to report, they often jump on the negative, real or perceived. Once they have their nose on the trail, they will go to great lengths to get the story out to the public first.

Meanwhile, for every one possibly negative story that can come out about your agency, there are hundreds of positive things happening in your community and department. But, the media and the public never hear of these things. Law enforcement is in the business of serving and protecting and often times does not have the resources or time to stay out in front of the media stream.

Over time, the only thing the public hears are the stories about the perceived negative events.

So, as a professional law enforcement agency, how do you get ahead of the negative media push and turn the tables on your agency’s public perception? Take control of the media, that’s how!

As an OPS Network Partner Agency, you have a valuable tool at your disposal. The OPS Press Kit Module is an easy to use tool that allows your agency to take control of your news flow. Within a matter of minutes, your agency leadership or public resource officer can generate professional press releases that are sent directly to your press corp., who register via your Press Registration Interface on the OPS Command Center, and feed them reports of your agency accomplishments on a regular basis. At the same time, you can share these articles on your social media feeds, OPS Command Center News and with the public in a matter of seconds.

The OPS Press Kit Module was designed specifically to allow law enforcement to take back their image and public perception. Whether your officers just spent the day at a community event or solved a homicide, you can ensure these positive accomplishments are broadcast across your community’s media services without tying up hours of your time. You can post as much as you like and encourage your media to share these accomplishments.

The OPS Press Kit Module is a tool your agency should be taking advantage of. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to produce a professional press release and share it across all forms of media, reinforcing those positive accomplishment in the minds of your community and branding your department as a professional law enforcement agency.

Market research shows that image and information is everything in todays media and internet rich environment. Don’t allow the media to control your image. Take control of it!!!