The "Stay Connected" During COVID-19 Initiative.

April - June 2020


It is mission critical that we keep all of our law enforcement agencies and officers connected during these unprecedented times. OPS recognizes how difficult that is right now, and has made it our mission to make it happen. 

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“One of the biggest costs of COVID-19 – could be the mental health of our first responders serving in our hardest hit areas.” – anonymous

Staying Connected Is Operational and So Much More.

The “Stay Connected” During COVID-19 Initiative serves many purposes, with the key principal purpose being to allow agencies, law enforcement officers and police administrators to:

  • Share information safely between agencies and officers across the state.
  • Help remain operational while many are serving off-site.
  • Connect and support each other – officer to officer or in groups.
  • Conduct real-time agency wide and/or inter-agency meetings.
  • Securely share resources.
  • Share officer and agency experiences during Covid-19.
  • Connect with like-minded first responders in a secure environment.
  • Strengthen our mental health situation by supporting each other and offering an outlet to connect with officers facing the stress of serving during the pandemic.

All participating agencies and their members will get 100% Free and full access to the OPS Network™ Communications Platform, Groups Platform and the Live Meeting tools.

In addition, each agency will be able to utilize the agency specific OPS Command Center and all of its features to help off-site officers remain operational from home or while deployed. 

How Does My Agency and Our Officers Get Started?

There is no cost to participate in the initiative so simply complete the below form or contact OPS at 833-OPS-COPS (677-2677). We will walk you through the simple process to participate.

If you want to learn more about the OPS Network™ Communications Platform, click here.  

"Stay Connected" During COVID-19 Initiative Enrollment Form

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