January 7, 2019

How can we better respond to and protect the children in our communities from abduction and dangerous run-away scenarios? No bigger question can be asked and it is often times a difficult one to answer. From the law enforcement perspective, our call to duty is usually after an event or emergency has taken place. We are then charged with responding and figuring things out, often during very hectic and time sensitive moments.

So, the questions remains. How can we respond and protect the children in our communities better?

As an OPS Network Partner Agency, you have an amazing tool at your disposal, which when shared and utilized properly, will allow your agency and officers

to respond quicker and more efficiently when a child is a victim of a crime, goes missing or is possibly abducted.

The OPS Child Database Module is a comprehensive tool that allows parents and guardians to enter detailed information about their children to be used by law enforcement when that child is considered in danger. This information is 100% secure and only accessible by the responding law enforcement agency.

Here is how is it works. Through outreach and partnership with your area schools, parents are encouraged to utilize the OPS Network Community Interface to register their children via the Child Interface Module. This registration process is quick, secure and simple. It provides law enforcement with a host of information about the child such as a description, photos, social media account information, phone numbers, relatives, friends, church and social clubs, health conditions and history and so much more. If or when a child goes missing or is considered endangered, law enforcement will have the ability to locate the information about the child and all of the data that was entered. At the same time, law enforcement can generate a Missing Persons Flyer, share the information on social media, alert the public via the public notification system and even share direct with the press/media. All of these things are completed from one screen in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Imagine receiving the call about a missing or endangered child and before the CART notification even goes out, your investigators and offices are able to collect all the relevant data about the child, generate a flyer and notify the public before they even leave the department. Tasks that used to take hours of interviews and leg work are now completed in minutes, saving critical time and allowing your officers and community members to be ready instantaneously.  

Protecting our children is any agencies number one priority. The OPS Child Database Module gives your community and agency a valuable tool to ensure you are doing everything possible to make your communities children safe and offer the best chance at a fast and successful resolution to a missing or adducted child matter.