“This is cutting edge technology that drastically strengthens the connection between law enforcement and the community. The biggest advancement in policing in 30 years.” – JM

“The OPS Network is the definition of “Thinking Outside of the Box”. Being on the same platform with our partner agencies truly makes this the future of  law enforcement.” – MG

“It is like the invention of the wheel or fire. How has this never been thought of before? Once you use the OPS Network, you cannot be without it.” – EB

“I have never seen an application that does so much. Not only for the police, but the community. It is one of those things that just makes sense and works.” – AC

“Transparent Partnership is the best way to describe the OPS Network. No other tool creates such a true partnership with our law enforcement partners and the community.” – FA

“It is everything in one place. Remote access. Ease of use. Unlimited tools, etc. How did we ever advance our mission before the OPS Network? Just incredible.” – PK

The OPS  Network is a secure, comprehensive collection of critical tools custom designed for the complexities of modern law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Ignite Your Agency. Unite Your Community.

A Nationwide Law Enforcement Partnership Project

The OPS Network™ Application is focused solely on creating a gateway and partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, while ensuring technological growth, agency efficiency and cutting edge operational connectivity.

A cloud based network application and software solution, the OPS Network™ provides proprietary interactive community policing tools designed specifically to promote a transparent police to public partnership in public safety, while improving agency efficiency and services. OPS is the only nationwide and jurisdiction-ally distinctive community policing network, global officer to officer communication platform and law enforcement specific operating system of its kind in existence today.

The OPS Network™ is a Partnership Project, and has been developed and designed for law enforcement by law enforcement. Each partner agency and their community helps the next by supporting the network and collectively helping to improve its services and expand on its ability, ensuring the positive growth of the network for all law enforcement agencies and their communities – long into the future.


Secure Operating System

OPS Command Center™

The OPS Command Center is easy to navigate and is the core of your OPS Operating System.


Agency level control.

Community Partnership

Community Interface

The OPS Community Interface serves as the portal that the public uses to interact and connect with agencies.


Public level control.

30 Plus Tools & Growing

Interactive Modules

Each module serves a specific task within the system and encourages engagement and partnership. 


Specific tools.

agency efficiency

Software Extensions

Tackle a variety of law enforcement specific functions for effective agency management.


Effective Management.

Staying Connected 24/7

Secure Communication

Secure law enforcement communication tools developed specifically for the needs of policing.


Real-time contact.

One Stop

Everything In One Place. Simple. Fast. Effective.

The OPS Network includes vital, user friendly tools designed to maximize efficiency and performance in four key competencies: community policing partnerships, officer to officer communication, operational effeciency and indispensable agency to agency connection. 

Developed With Purpose

A Secure & Dedicated Law Enforcement Network.

The entire OPS Operating System functions via the secure nationwide OPS Network™, supported by our network partners at Amazon™. Combining the proprietary OPS software and security protocols with an industry leading network partner, that securely houses over 2000 governmental related systems, ensures a 100% safe and secure solution that all agencies and community users can trust.

Free Download

Network Quick Guide 

Looking for some information to give to agency administrators, community members, businesses or political leaders? Download the OPS Network™ Quick Guide below.


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